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50clarke utilizes a holistic approach to aromatherapy understanding that to achieve wellness goals we must nourish ourselves, protect ourselves and resolve issues to be our best selves at home and in the workplace. Personal aromatherapy tools like inhalers and roll-ons make it easy for employees to support their well-being so that they can bring their best to their family and their job.  For example, essential oil blends for allergies, headaches, stress reduction and sleep aid have proven effective as have those for focus, energizing and calming.  If your wellness program already offers massage therapy, yoga or meditation, aromatherapy is a natural partner and addition.


Wellness Workshops: Customized to your needs.  Every business is unique in its needs.  50clarke works with clients with this in mind and provides experiential and interactive workshops to maximize the learning of participants.


One on One Therapeutic Sessions:  When a more comprehensive consult is required, these sessions provide additional support for those with specific issues or concerns.  Quality and safety are major considerations.


Custom Blending: For those who desire more for their employees, customers, or suppliers 50clarke offers products and services to further reflect your business values and culture.... your brand!  You may want special blends available for employee use, or have an event where you will gift attendees with a natural takeaway created just for that event.  You may even want your own Private Label Scent.


Well-being is personal and whether we are at work, at home or at play, the habits and rituals we form stay with us.  We all want these to be good and healthy habits. Aromatherapy is one powerful way to add a good and natural habit that has the potential to suppport, balance, nourish and revitalize our sense of well-being.



Elisabeth Peabody, CA   Founder,



20802 N. Grayhawk Dr. Unit 1173
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Located in Grayhawk , North Scottsdale


  • Custom essential oil blending
  • Customized workshops - interactive and hands-on
  • One on One Therapeutic Sessions
  • Certified Aromatherapist


Monday through Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Special events can be scheduled weeknights and weekends.