Adventurous Stills


Adventurous Stills is an award-winning small-batch craft distillery located in Tempe, AZ. All our Spirits start from natural grains or molasses, and are wholly produced from grain to bottle by hand in our Distillery. We built our Distillery from the ground up – we hand-built our all-copper stills, mash tun, and virtually everything else you see. From milling the grains in-house, to tasting every batch as it comes off the still to ensure only the best parts of each run are bottled, we control every step of the process. Stop by the Distillery Tasting Room for a Cocktail, and tour and taste the results of our passion!

Jeff giving a brief tour to Fox 10!


2125 E 5th Street
Suite 102
Tempe, Arizona 85281

Just north of University Drive, and west of the 101 freeway in Tempe. Cross streets are 5th and River.

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  • Peralta Bourbon - single-barrel bourbon with notes of chocolate & leather
  • Fossil Creek Whiskey - small-batch whiskey with a big smoky punch
  • Papago Rum - 100% select molasses base, lightly aged in oak
  • Camelback Gin - citrus forward & super smooth, with a delicious botanical bouquet
  • Agave Spirit
  • Craft Distillery Tours
  • Tasting Room
  • Bottle sales
  • Distilling classes


Fridays 5-9pm Saturdays 1-8pm Ask us about hosting special events!