Alexanders Window Cleaning Prescott AZ


Window cleaning with husband & wife team. Ready For Your FREE Super Fast Estimate?Three Ways We Show Respect to Our Valued Customers 1. We care about your home – we always use towels to cover your floors and furniture. Interior footwear apparel is worn on the inside of your home. 2. We leave no spots on glass, frames, sills, walls, floors or curtains. We are the most meticulous window washers in Prescott Valley, AZ. There is no need to clean your home after we leave! That just wouldn't make sense!3: At no additional charge, our crews always wipe down your window sills. • We are more than willing to provide you with an property inspection and estimate, or if you would prefer an over the phone cell 865-256-2225 or text window cleaning estimate we do that too.


6201 N. Viewpoint Dr.
Prescott Valley, Arizona 86414

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