Sneeze Guards for open and essential small businesses to stay healthy and safe.


In this global issue I have tried to come up with a small offer of assistance to local need and have shifted our business focus towards contributing and giving back to the state of Arizona as a goodwill gesture for the love and warmth we were welcomed with when moving here from Toronto, Canada.
The shift we have made is to help front line retail/healthcare workers in this battle to provide a counter top germ barrier (Sneeze Guard) made from plexiglass to help prevent the spread of this virus to our most vulnerable and keep these essential workers like cashiers, pharmacists, receptionists and any other worker that has interactions with the public safer from exposure.

Apexus will be providing the time and labor to cut and fabricate the counter top units for free. Only a material cost charge will be needed at a nominal fee. The attached left image of 24"x32" countertop device is going to be $50 where we would normally retail it for $125.
If small mom and pop companies like ours cannot pay for the unit and have vulnerable staff we will donate the unit free of charge.
I am reaching out to people who helped facilitate our move to the US from Toronto to ask for help in connecting us with people in need and decision makers of companies that would find value in our offer.
People we need to connect with are Local grocery, pharmacy, gas station, hardware and other store chain decision makers that could help us make a difference. We are also looking for people in the media who can help get the word out that we are making this offer to businesses with vulnerable frontline workers.
Maybe you don't have many contacts but are willing to help a local store or business that is personally close to you and that you feel may need one of these devices. Please let us know the name of the business and we will arrange to have one set up for them.
In making these connections, we also hope to find people or businesses that may need our plastic machining and fabrication services. (An outline has been attached.)
If you do not know anyone that you can directly connect me with, are there at least two people that you could share their contact information with me, that could at least point me in the right direction?
Please let me know if there is anything I can be on the lookout for you, to help you as well, I truly mean it.
Every single human life on this planet has been affected in some way and we are all in this together. I hope you feel my sincerity when I say that coming together in times of need is what the fabric of humanity is built for.
Let's do this together and come out the otherside closer than ever before,
Be Well,


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