Arizona Blockchain Initiative


The AZ Blockchain Initiative, a 501c3 nonprofit, was created to bridge the gap between underserved communities and careers in tech, we’ve designed projects to guide Arizonans into an existing pipeline of opportunities. We started with the vision of Tech Pathways, our training side, where we’re building workshops, offline libraries, apps, and a mentorship program -our pilot project will be deployed this Summer. As we started research, we realized that those who we wanted to help didn’t have home internet or computers, which is how Project Phoenix was born, a mesh network to host the training we’re building for those who participate -as well as hardware. We believe that remote workers are the future, and the cities and states with better connectivity will be the ones to thrive in that new model. We also launched our signature event, the AZ Tech Brief, an event intended to bring together decision makers, tech leaders, and local organizations to explore ways in which to empower communities through decentralized technologies.


515 E. Grant St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85004



  • Volunteer driven.