Barrio Brewing MESA


Dennis Arnold first walked into a brewery in San Francisco and had a life altering experience. The smell of the mashing grains and boiling hops captivated his senses and right then and there, he decided he wanted, no NEEDED, to brew beer for a living. In 1986, Dennis and his wife, Tauna, moved to San Diego to open a small brwery, a slightly mad idea considering Dennis had never brewed a batch of beer in his life.

This adventure hit an unexpected roadblock when the couple encountered lack of vision amoung some of San Diego’s elected officials, who proclaimed that there would never be a brewery in the San Diego city limits. Dennis and Tauna saw an opportunity where others may have seen an obstacle and they headed back to their hometown of Tucson the day craft brewering became legal in Arizona. They purchased a small restaurant near the University of Arizona known as Gentle Ben’s and the adventure began. When Ben’s popularity outsized its brewing tanks, Barrio Brewing was born and the rest, they say, is history.

Barrio Brewing Co Mesa is their second location featuring the core beers and seasonal crafts of the Barrio name. Also hosting the same great scratch-made kitchen favors, Barrio Mesa is a great neighborhood spot for any family, craft beer lover, or anyone with an appetite and even possibly a love for aircraft! Located just north of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Terminal, Barrio is a great place for a plane-watching, beer-drinking, food-eating heck of a time! We’ll see you soon!


5803 S. Sossaman
Mesa, Arizona 85212

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