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Arizona solo-law firm consulting for, and representing, individuals and businesses that have an online presence or otherwise rely solely on the internet for their business. We help mitigate risk and address legal issues relating to the internet (first amendment and speech issues surrounding third-party content, copyright and trademark concerns, ADA compliance, terms of service and privacy policies/statements, marketing/advertising, defamation/online reviews, imposter accounts, non-consensual pornography aka “revenge porn”, etc.). 

We are also here to help small business owners consider options and best practices for starting up, including assisting with LLC formation, drafting basic Operating Agreements, provide considerations for branding (trademark and reputational issues including online reviews), assisting with contracts for services with customers, negotiating contracts with vendors, and prepare independent contractor agreements for outside services. Think of us as the "outside in-house counsel" who you can bounce ideas off and get feedback before implementation, so you can avoid common mistakes that can result in costly leagal fees and headache down the road.

Being well connected in the legal community, if we can't help you...we can probably refer you to someone who can.  Visit the Beebe Law, PLLC website and click on the Contact tab!


3120 W. Carefree Hwy.
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  • Business Law - Formation and Contracts
  • Internet Law - Websites/Blogs, Social Media, Defamation, "Revenge Porn"
  • Intellectual Property - Copyright and Trademark
  • Litigation and Foreign Subpoena Domestication Assistance
  • Outside "In-House Counsel" Services


By appointment only. Visit our Contact page on our website to schedule an appointment via our online scheduler through your computer or phone.