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A true Lebanese cuisine.

We still use old fashion methods in preparing our food as our mothers taught us, we buy everything fresh and cut/trimmed by hand. No cans, nothing is frozen, no processed food, no byproducts, no preservatives, no GMO products, we use wholefoods, organic when available at the local Farmers Markets we participate in, and the best of all... "We don't make it or sell it if we don't eat it ourselves".

We are first generation Phoenicians/Lebanese Americans and proud of both since our ancestors were the creators of a long list of exceptional recipes that have been circulating in our long existing communities around the world. You can find Lebanese food in almost all major cities around the world. We can explain why we use this or that ingredient, we have stories to tell about how and why certain dishes were made, which region in Lebanon a dish was created.
We don't only share our food but we also share what we know about its origin as we educate those who ask and care enough to know.

Lebanese food is Mediterranean in general but specific to Lebanon. We prepare and eat everything in moderation from red meats to completely vegan dishes. With the recent emphasis on the health benefits of Mediterranean cuisine, people across the world are discovering and embracing authentic Lebanese food. The awareness of this ancient cuisine has also inspired professional chefs and restaurateurs across the world to feature exciting Lebanese items on their menus. Lebanese food is unique in that it combines the sophistication and subtleties of European haute cuisines with the exotic ingredients of the orient. Spread by the Lebanese/Phoenicians sailors, merchants, and adventurers over 8000 - 12000 years. Lebanese dishes across the region may be prepared or seasoned somewhat differently. Because of this, the cuisines of the Middle East and Mediterranean are often incorrectly lumped into one homogeneous category. One of our missions in life is to fix that fallacy.

The food of Lebanon is a celebration of life; it is fresh, flavorful, diverse and invigorating. The genius of it is in its complex simplicity, and that the food is a product of both the earth and the sea. There is a natural bond that all of the Mediterranean cuisines share, from the tip of Spain to the Levant, as the same waters equally kiss the countries of the Mediterranean, waters that the Phoenicians/Lebanese sailors spread the culture and the cuisine and left their permanent mark through their peaceful colonies thru trades and understanding other cultures.

The legendary journeys of the Phoenicians not only spread the best of Lebanon across the seas but also brought back home the best of the cultures they encountered. Despite similarities of Mediterranean foods, the cuisine of Lebanon is without doubt a class of its own.



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