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We develop donor acquisition funnels to help your organization grow and nurture more donors.

Our team of digital fundraisers do the heavy lifting so your organization can focus more on mission and less on tactics and skills that slow you down.

Done For You

You won't have to figure out what's working with Facebook advertising, email, landing pages, conversion series, etc. Our experts do the heavy lifting for you.

A Systematic Approach to Fundraising

Our approach to donor acquisition is unlike any other. We develop a plan, execute the plan, and update you on what we are learning along the way.


Why Nonprofits Struggle to Raise Money Online

Over the years we’ve been doing digital fundraising, we find that there is a great deal of confusion amongst nonprofits when it comes to digital fundraising – especially when it comes to Facebook fundraising. Many nonprofits choose to spend money on acquiring likes instead of donors. They don’t understand how to create a donor-driven funnel that helps people who have never heard of the organization engage, connect, and invest in the cause.


How We Help Nonprofits Raise Money Through Facebook Advertising

Through a systemized process, we have honed and crafted a process for connecting with potential donors, nurturing them, and converting them into givers who have a higher lifetime value than most channels including direct mail, TV, and other digital channels. In fact, many of our clients end up moving money from other channels because of the great successes they are seeing with Facebook donor acquisition.


Our Simplified Approach to Digital Fundraising

Our process simplifies digital fundraising into three areas of focus. These areas will help your organization get the highest ROI for your investment into Facebook Fundraising.

New Name Generation

We'll look over your current assets and help you develop an offer that will attract your ideal donor at the lowest cost possible.

Donor Acquisition

We then build a funnel consisting of landing pages, emails, and donation forms to ensure a consistent message that leads people through a sequence that proves the value proposition of your organization and answers the question of why they should give to your organization.

Lifetime Value (LTV) Accelerator

Finally, we continue the nurturing process by promoting more opportunities for a second gift and/or sustainer gifts accelerating the lifetime value of each donor.

Finally, we continue the nurturing process by promoting more opportunities for a second gift and/or sustainer gifts accelerating the lifetime value of each donor.


Ready to supercharge your organization?

When Bad Santa becomes a fundraiser for his end of year campaign, things get a little hectic! Watch out for rain forests getting obliterated to keep up with all the direct mail and phones to blow up with so many texts and calls.


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