Cuban Twist Cafe


Without realizing it many people embrace "OR" instead of "AND" Our food is healthy AND delicious

Unfortunately, the consumption of processed food has become normalized. We use fresh ingredients and thanks to local purveyors we are able to source hormone-free and non-GMO proteins.

We believe business should be a force for good.

We are honored to say that our sandwiches are served on Barrio Bread! Embracing the concept of thinking globally and acting locally is critical in a world where many have lost touch with one another, and themselves. Thank you for helping us build a stronger community!

Why is the Pork always gone? You didn't order enough


The Big Answers:

What does "Cuban Twist" Mean?

It means we serve elevated mexican food with a Cuban Twist! It's in the seasoning, our sides, and our attitude! We're inpsired by Marie, the only true 100% Cubana in our family. Marie is mom, wife, friend, concert pianist and salsa dancer!

What's for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

  • Sandwiches, Burritos, and Bowls with...                                                                Smokey and slightly sweet pulled pork

  • Pulled Chicken with a roasted tomatillo salsa verde

  • Calabacitas (vegetarian/vegan; burritos and bowls only) 

  • Refried Pinto Beans (vegetarian/vegan; burritos only)                

What makes us Cuban?                                                            

  • Our play on a Cuban Sandwich (Pork, Ham, Swiss Cheese, Pickle and Mustard)

  • Our signature side "Black Beans and Rice" made with the Cuban holy trinity just like Abuela Mima from Miami used to make!  

What's to drink?

Aguas Frescas ("Fresh Water" these are refreshing fruit based drinks. Fruit, water, agave, our special herbal infusion and ice!)  Our flavors rotate. Our most populare are: 

  • *Limonada (Lemonade)

  • *Sandia (Watermelon)

What makes our pulled pork smokey?    

Our homemade and secret New Mexican Chili Paste (no liquid smoke)

What sweetners do we use?

Only organic honey and agave

About the Owner:

Who's the Chef?

Enrrrrrrique! He's an educator, 2-time Grammy Nominated Artist, Founder of the Global Learning Foundation, Entrepreneur, Co-Creator of the Sam the Ant® children's book series, creator of iBG® (brain games), bilingual public speaker, equity and early childhood advocate. He's also dad, brother, Yoda-impersonator, asker of curious questions, and a foodie (obvioulsy). He learned to cook by watching his nana and mom.

Who started this cool business?     

Seriel entrepreneur and community builder, Nick! A big smile, bigger energy, and a heart of gold. Nick is son, sibling, world class singer-in-the-shower, future thought leader, and asker of mind-bending questions.


4927 N. Sabino Gulch Ct.
Tucson, Arizona 85750

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  • Customized Catering
  • Large Groups
  • Mid-Sized Groups
  • Weekly Delivery
  • Hormone-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Only Sweetners: Organic Honey and Agave
  • Ongoing Health and Wellness Education


By Appointment