Delectables Catering and Venue


Delectables Catering and Venue is an urban private dining destination that provides a top level experience of dining, service and delightful fresh foods. Delectables is located on Limberlost Drive in a private venue that is similar to a villa in Tuscany. Need a place to feel at home and entertain your people for any reason? The legend of Delectables is alive and well entertaining in a whole new way. Come see our literally green environment and bring your event to us!


427 E Limberlost Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85705

On Limberlost Drive just west of First Avenue in a two story pink building on the North side of Limberlost Drive. We share a parking lot with the Adobe Bridge Club.

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  • Wedding Venue
  • Business Retreat Location
  • Film and Movie Location
  • Catering
  • Private venue
  • Garden venue
  • Desserts
  • Owner Operator Donna DiFiore
  • Chef Sarah Sjoblom


Call for a viewing 520 884 9289 or email