Euclid Solutions


Euclid Solutions is a startup specializing in energy and water efficiency, waste reduction, and renewable energy solutions. We provide a multifaceted approach starting with a comprehensive consultation. This initial review helps us to uncover your individual needs allowing us to present the most appropriate steps to guide you towards your goals. We aim to help our clients save time by eliminating the need to shop around with different firms, and save money through energy efficiency upgrades, waste reduction, and environmentally conscientious solutions.

Along with our consultative services we have multiple international, national, and local partnerships with manufactures to help us offer a comprehensive catalog of products and services. This helps us make sure our clients' individual needs are met without cutting corners. Our international partnerships also allow us to provide as marketplace for those customers and individuals that know exactly what they want. 


Phoenix, Arizona 85008


  • Custom Microgrid Solutions, Industrial and Commercial Lubricants, Food Grade Lubricants, Wind Power Products, Solar Power Products, Fuel Cell Generators, Solar Installers, Backup Batteries, Portable Solar Generators, Chemical-Free Water Conditioning, Waste Reduction, Water Fill Stations