Lisa Agababian aka


Fuchsia Designs is a warm & friendly Ceramic Studio & Gallery in the heart of downtown Tucson, in West University.  The Gallery features authentic, hand-made, expressive, colorful “Large Ceramic Heart Wall Sculptures” & more by artist/owner Lisa Agababian.  In addition to larger sculptures, she offers smaller affordable gifts to carry a message of LOVE for all occasions in celebration of LIFE such as births & birthdays, graduations, weddings & anniversaries, new homes, mothers & fathers day; as well as encouragement and condolences for those in need of extra HEART.

The Studio is a quaint ceramic space offering the very best of the ceramic experience for anyone curiously looking for a taste of clay, to emerging and established ceramic artists needing a space to work.  Our small (4-6 person) ClayPlay Gatherings & Workshops are for those wishing to relax and have fun wheel-throwing, hand-building or sculpting while tapping into that joyfully creative spirit within each and every one of us.  


226 E 5th Street
Tucson, Arizona 85705

Across from Mister Car Wash - Headquarters, on East 5th Street between 4th & 6th Avenue.


  • Authentic, hand-made, expressive, colorful “Large Ceramic Heart Wall Sculptures”
  • Smaller Ceramic Heart Wall Hangings
  • Fine Functional Ceramic ware & ornaments
  • ClayPlay Gatherings
  • Ceramic Workshops


By appointment only