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Gift3r App enthusiastically (and joyfully) shares these promises with our community of users:

We connect through the joy of giving. We make it easy to create joy for family, friends, co-workers (and even strangers). Through the simple gift of giving, we strengthen the connection we feel to each other. We help our users share the joy of giving with easy, anywhere, access to giving technology.

We support local businesses. Local businesses are the foundation of our communities. We help local businesses grow. We help them access the billion-dollar market of gift cards and increase loyalty and brand recognition within the community. We help neighbors share their local business loyalty and love. We increase the happiness within communities and families by promoting the joy of gift-giving.

Brand Values & Principles 

The Gift3r App team lives these values and principles:

We believe in family. Family includes anyone living under the same roof, and we live that tradition here at GIFT3R APP. We support our families: at home, at work, at play. We empower each other with the encouragement, strength, honesty, and love of family. 

We believe in community. We build strong communities through connection and support of each other. We know that local businesses are the life-blood of our communities and we remind and inspire people to support their local businesses, and enjoy the gifts these businesses share.

We choose joy. Joy is the antidote to exhaustion and alienation. We empower small acts of kindness, joy, surprise, and delight. With the simple act of giving, we create happiness and flourishing, loving communities.

What is Gift3r App and how it brings local business and community together.


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  • Send and receive eGift cards from favorite LOCAL businesses. Get the fun, easy-to-use app that’s FREE to use for eGift card givers and receivers. Discover, buy, and send eGift cards.
  • ❇️ SEND INSTANTLY IN JUST 3-CLICKS. Instantly select and send eGift cards from your mobile phone. Send with 3-clicks. Never again wait for a gift card by snail mail – get gift cards instantly.
  • ❇️ CHOOSE THE PERFECT GIFT. Choose from your friend’s wish list of favorite local businesses.
  • ❇️ MAKE IT PERSONAL. Add special videos, photos, or text to your gift.
  • ❇️ DISCOVER LOCAL BUSINESS. Search businesses near you (or your friends and family).
  • ❇️ WISH LIST. Get the gifts you want when you create a wish list of your favorite local businesses. No more gift cards from places you never shop!
  • ❇️ RECEIVE INSTANTLY. Receive eGift cards to your favorite local places.
  • ❇️ MANAGE YOUR EGIFT CARDS. All your eGift cards are in one place on your mobile phone. Never lose or misplace them. Always have access to your receipts.
  • ❇️ NO HIDDEN FEES. No app fees, and no expiration, activation, or non-use fees. Redeem eGift cards for free – no fees and no expiration dates.
  • ❇️ SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY! Invite friends and local businesses to the Gift3r App Marketplace.
  • ❇️ SHARE JOY! Giving and receiving feels great (and has proven health benefits!). Start sending and receiving today!
  • Grow your business with the Gift3r App Digital Gift Card Marketing Platform.
  • ❇️
  • ❇️FREE SIGNUP to our Loyalty Rewards Program (complimentary eGift cards)
  • ❇️Ready-to-use eGift card templates.
  • ❇️ Simple to promote via website, social media, and email.
  • ❇️ Easy to redeem, manage, and track your eGift cards.
  • ❇️ Reach new customers in your area via your customer’s wish list and local search.
  • ❇️ No POS or website integration needed.
  • ❇️ Lower cost and less complicated than current eGift card platforms.
  • ❇️ You only pay when your eGift cards are sold. Get started on this low-risk, high-revenue, eGift card opportunity.
  • ❇️ Secure and trusted payment gateway partners.


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