Good-Bye Plastic


Our mission is to stop plastic pollution. Join us in the  war against single use plastic most of which is not even recycled just end up in landfill, sitting there for 1000yrs most of the times along with food waste and emanating toxic gases. Our products are 100% compostable and bio-degradable made from natural plant base.  

 Plates and bowls, utensils, straws, to go boxes, grocery bags, produce bags made from  bio-based biodegradable resources like areca palm leaf, PLA from cornstarch and sugarcane waste called bagasse. These products are better alternative to the single use plastics, compostable and harmless to the environment.

Paper pens that has no plastic content  and made from recycled paper. Copper water containers.

 "Carry your own bag" - shopping bags made of 100% cotton that has compartments.

We cater to any business,event planners, caterers, eco friendly parties and gatherings or at an individual level looking to make a sustainable and responsible choice. You can get in touch with us to learn how can we help your business/organization SAY NO TO PLASTIC!


  • compostable disposables
  • zero plastic
  • 100% natural plant based
  • ethically sourced
  • free of chemicals
  • sustainable and eco-friendly
  • reduce carbon footprints
  • no harmful chemicals leeching into the food