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Never OVERPAY for prescriptions again. Clever RX is FREE to use. Next time you get a prescription filled just present your Clever RX Discount Card or App to get up to 80% off prescription drugs. Accepted at most pharmacies nationwide. Clever RX often beats copay prices.

Regardless of your health plan, every American should check the price of a drug using a tool like Clever RX. As HDHPs (High Deductible Health Plan ) and high copays increase, the demand for RX saving cards is rapidly increasing as well. Clever RX also works for the underinsured and uninsured.

EMPLOYERS Save Your Employees Money On RX Drugs. Offer the Clever Rx Savings Card to your employees, nearly 70% of all employees can benefit from an RX Savings Card, due to high deductible health plans, high copays, insufficient coverage plans, and fewer drugs covered.

Clever RX Prescription Discount Program offers businesses an opportunity to provide benefits and perks for their employees and customers. For an example of one company using Clever RX as part of their benefits program, visit First Financial Group of America.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Every time money is saved on a prescription, Clever RX will donate to a charity of your choice.

NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS - Ask about the Clever RX perpetual fundraising discount card program. It's an easy and simple program to implement.

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  • •Save up to 80% Off on Your Prescriptions
  • •Employers Offer the Discount Program to Your Employees
  • •NonProfits can Benefit From our Unique Fundraising Program
  • *CleverRX is one of the few pharmacies that aids in the nation's fight against the opioid epidemic.