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Hedda’s Skincare was born with the intention of providing high quality natural and organic skincare products at a reasonable price. My mother was a single parent for many years, working multiple jobs and putting herself through school while supporting four children. She provided us with fresh vegetables and the best products she could afford on her limited budget. I remember the lean times and difficult periods where my mother did the very best she could. Nowadays, natural and organic skin products can be very expensive. It is our goal here at Hedda’s Skincare to provide the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

Natural and healthy skincare products should be available to everyone, not just a select few. As a certified aromatherapist, I know the wonderful properties in essential and carrier oils, and how they can benefit and protect your skin. Our products are anhydrous (you will not find water as an ingredient in any product formula). Our products are environmentally friendly & responsibly harvested from around the world. Each product is hand crafted with love and good intention. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and the first line of defense. It is important to provide it with the nutrients, vitamins and protection it needs. Our skin absorbs the things we put on it. Which is why our motto is “If it isn’t safe to eat, it isn’t safe for your skin”.

We live in the high desert of Arizona and face dry conditions throughout the year. Whether it be the powerful spring winds, the warm summers, or our cold winters. Our skin faces unique challenges in this desert environment. When I began this process it was to create products to protect and nourish my own aging skin.

All of our products are family and friend tested and approved. Prior to selling any item, it has gone through a rigorous testing process. Our friends and family are diverse in the skin types and pH balances.

As a menopausal woman, my skin has begun changing texture. It is important I provide my own skin with protection during these hormonally challenging times. I use all of our products myself and my skin loves them. I hope yours does too!

Best wishes and healthy skin,

– Hedda Fay
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