Joel Contreras Design


Contramark Design was founded by Joel Contreras and Greg Markov in 2012. Both Contreras and Markov, being licensed Real Estate Agents were bored sick of the Home Depot remodels they were seeing on the MLS. One afternoon at a their local hangout (a local affordable Chinese food restaurant) they decided to start something unique with the idea that remodels and additions and even new construction didn’t have to be so bland and basic. They were convinced that buyers would want an architectural product loaded with clean lines, steel, concrete and brick. They felt that nobody was doing anything of justice or value to the beloved Historic homes in the Downtown area (which at the time were getting the Home Depot treatment at a rapid rate). They were determined to bring back sexy in the (at that time) under $300k price bracket. Fit with good taste and Design backgrounds, Contreras and Markov set out to capture the hearts and minds of Phoenix buyers and home owners. And hopefully they have achieved this with their projects; not only with what they built but with who they inspired to incorporate better design in to their projects.


1730 E Earll Dr
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

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