Laughing Dog Soap Company


Our company is named Laughing Dog Soap Company because we support nonprofit organizations that raise and train assistance dogs. I am the co-founder and retired Executive Director of Power Paws Assistance Dogs. Over the 15 years I worked for this organization, I've seen the life-changing and life-saving effects assistance dogs have on the lives of people with disabilities. Our dogs are joyful in the work they do, intense in their job, but smiling and loving their lives. If a dog doesn't enjoy the work, we don't make them do it. Would you like to spend your life not being joyful in your job? Neither would we and neither would our dogs. So, when you purchase products from Laughing Dog, you not only get high quality bath and body products to enjoy, you are supporting the efforts of organizations that dedicate their lives to changing the lives of children and adults with disabilities, one laughing dog at a time.


4932 N. 85 St
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

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