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24.4% of children in Arizona live in extreme poverty. An additional 25% live in low-income families, families earning less than 200% of the federal poverty line. This means that about half of the children in our state struggle to have their basic needs met.

Live and Learn is working to end this epidemic of poverty. We are a Phoenix-based nonprofit that empowers women to achieve financial self-sufficiency, enabling them to lift themselves out of poverty and create a brighter future for their children. Since 2012, we have served adult women from the Phoenix-metro area whose lives have been affected by poverty, violence, and homelessness.

Based on research by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Live and Learn focuses on the five critical aspects needed to lift an individual out of poverty: education, career planning, social support, life-skills development, and financial literacy. With Live and Learn’s help, the women in our program are the first in their families to earn a high school diploma, the first to attain a secondary degree, and the first to pursue a professional career.

Live and Learn is unlike any other nonprofit in the Phoenix area:

1. We take a holistic approach to meeting the needs of our clients. Other organizations address one factor necessary to a woman’s success, such as housing, financial literacy, or job placement, but we address the myriad factors necessary to a woman’s success.

2. Working with over 40 community partners, we bring together our community’s diverse programs and resources to collaborate in addressing the complex needs of at-risk women.

3. Many organizations start a woman on the road to success, but we support them as they travel that road, helping them as they set goals, begin school, reach milestones, and encounter new obstacles.

4. We recognize that meaningful relationships are essential to a woman’s long-term success. Each woman that enters our program joins a strong community of women who support each other, encourage each other, and celebrate each other.

Our clients achieve success when they secure a stable job with a livable wage, allowing them to lift--and keep--themselves and their children out of poverty!

We are honored and grateful to 12 News for selecting Live & Learn as their April, 2018 "12 Who Care" nominee.


326 E Coronado Rd.
Suite 201
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Our office is located in a building just east of the corner of N. 3rd St. and E. Coronado Rd.

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