Sustainable Real Estate Education


We wear a few different hats. Real estate sales @ HomeSmart, real estate school, and a non-profit.

We promote education and awareness of environmental issues in real estate. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit educating real estate professionals on promoting sustainable features in residential real estate. The non-profit corporation plans to offer Realtors and other professionals training and education at a highly reduced rate, possibly even free of cost for Realtors in the State of Arizona. In the future, endeavors may include but are not limited to: scholarships for students and/or professionals to learn about sustainable real estate applications, development of online curricula related to sustainable real estate, research related to green homes, solar, and/or sustainability and real estate, development and offering of new courses related to sustainable real estate, starting an intern program, renovating a home and allowing the public to tour and learn from it, and/or creating public events and/or conferences to promote awareness and education of environmental issues related to residential real estate. We have an open intern spot and Board positions available.


8032 N 8th Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85021


  • Green Home Building
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Saving water
  • PV Solar Sales or Leases
  • Top Producer