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→ Intuitive Personal + Business Branding → Intuitive Marketing Strategy + Flow → Intuitive Digital Presence Leeah Murray is the Creatologist™ at Meraki & Co; a Digital Marketing Agency providing High Vibe Marketing + Branding for purpose driven brands + visionary entrepreneurs. She has designed an intuitive process that brings clarity and alignment for brands and professionals who have a mission to help, and people to serve. Leeah has a wide array of knowledge and is able to offer everything from guided meditations to gain clarity on branding and vision to practical and technical skills like how to set up a digital business online as well as a background in web programming. Her purpose is to make the best use her gifts and talents in a way that helps others build authentic, fulfilling brands and businesses in the digital space. WOULD YOU BE A GOOD FIT TO WORK WITH LEEAH? ⚡ You are ready to fully step into your purpose. ⚡ You are not afraid of perspective shifts. ⚡ You are focused and present. ⚡ You are ready to get crystal clear. ⚡ You are ready to drop ego & societal conditioning and step into owning a powerful digital presence that will provide you with the means to serve who needs you most. YOU'LL GET SO MUCH MORE THAN A WEBSITE, A LOGO OR MARKETING... ⚡ Clarity and peace of mind. ⚡ An Intuitive digital strategy that feels as good as it functions. ⚡ Accountability and growth through mentorship and coaching. ⚡ Automated processes and systems, structures and guidance to encourage delegation and in turn, fulfilling business growth. Connect with Leeah at leeah[at] or schedule a phone/zoom meeting: Specialties: web design, branding, logo design, marketing strategy, content strategy, email marketing, lead pages, white papers, digital marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, coaching, consulting, print marketing


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