Moonbeams Lilacs & Roses


Moonbeams Lilacs & Roses specializes in one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry for women and men, and unique beaded accessories for home & office - all designed by Scottsdale Artisan Miriam Bat Rachel. "I want the jewelry I design to be as distinctive as the men & women who wear it." 

For Miriam creating gemstone jewelry is all about the stones. As she describes it: "I design each item of jewelry around the shapes and colors of the natural gemstones — How they look and feel to the touch — Choosing and then arranging the stones and Sterling Silver and handwrought Bronze beads on my worktable, and moving them around until I like the way they look— always focusing the nature of the natural stones. Working with so many wonderful stones is both a creative and spiritual experience. My goal is to create jewelry that is as distinctive as the men and women who wear it."

Moonbeams Lilacs & Roses is the Creative Arts Divison, of Brittany Publications, Ltd., with locations in Arizona (Scottsdale) and Illinois (Chicago).


Arizona 85251

Moonbeams Lilacs & Roses is available online only. All items are created by Miriam in her Scottsdale workshop.

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  • Unique Jewelry custom-designed and ready-made
  • Custom designs available
  • All jewelry items are one-of-a-kind
  • Beaded items for home & office are collectable


Online available 24/7