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Hey, I’m Bill, owner of Nutsack Foods, the nutty little snack food company in Cave Creek, Arizona. My story begins in Northern California in the late 90’s when I met a guy with really nice nuts. Well, he roasted really nice nuts, actually. His nuts were the best I’d ever tasted and after sharing them with family and friends it was unanimous: Best. Nuts. Ever. It was clear what I needed to do: Bag those suckers up and sell them. I actually dreamt about doing it for years, but that damn thing they call a 'job' kept getting in my way. Then at the end of 2014 I lost my damn job to an idiot, and eleven months before that I'd lost my dad to cancer, so things kinda sucked. I did have a plane ticket to California though, so I decided to take a chance and go after my dream of selling those nuts. By starting my own business I figured I could idiot proof my future while doing something fun and meaningful at the same time. Seemed legit. I’d be able share my nuts with strangers (that’s always fun) and donate a portion of my revenue to help find a cure for cancer, because, fuck cancer. So two weeks after getting canned I flew to California, visited with my family, and bought 75 pounds of nuts from my buddy Mike. A few days later I checked the nuts in at Southwest Airlines and flew home. I was ready to go, almost. I just needed a name. It needed to be short, simple, fun, and edgy. The word Nutsack kept coming up for obvious reasons, so Nutsack Foods was born, and my life has been nuts ever since. Since starting Nutsack Foods in 2014 I’ve grown from a little known online store to a national brand selling Nutsacks in over sixty retail locations across the US, including coffee shops, wine bars, restaurants, markets, hotels, and even the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. Many of my customers tell me they bought their first Nutsack because of the name, but now they buy them because the nuts are the best they’ve ever had. Yes, they’re that good. So join the Nutsack Nation and grab my nuts. Remember, “You never forget your first Nutsack”™

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29834 N Cave Creek Rd STE 118-219
Cave Creek, Arizona 85331

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  • Ultra-fresh roasted nuts.
  • Premium bulk nuts.