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There are many paths forward in life. Financial planning is about finding the optimal path based on the resources available. Your wealth is that resource. While money is an important factor, life is far more than money. Financial planning also incorporates the emotions that come along with making financial decisions. A sound plan forward in life replaces fear of the unknown with confidence in the future. Money is just the tool we use to get you to your goals. Investing and saving isn’t just for retirement. We do these things to enjoy life both before and after that important goal comes. Marriage, kids, college, starting a business… we plan for all stages of life. Our focus is helping clients understand the benefits and tradeoffs between the economic choices available.


125 North 2nd St
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  • A local, independent financial planning firm that focuses on small business, retirement, and anyone helping the local community.


Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Appointments available evening and weekends.