Phoenix Microgreens


News: New service as result of Covid-19. We are collaborating with other local vendors, by offering a "Stay at Home Local Basket" Available for pre-orders and direct to door home delivery. Please visit our store website on, or go to

At Phoenix Microgreens, we grow nutrient dense specialty vegetable greens and herbs called microgreens. To preserve flavor and maintain the highest nutritional value, our microgreens are sold as live plants that you harvest as you use.

How we grow:
We are a soil free, fertilizer free, and pesticide free farm. We source Non-Treated, Non-GMO, USDA Approved and mostly Organic seed. 

Who do we grow for:
Phoenix Microgreens, supplies local private chefs and restaurants in the Phoenix area. We also belive home chefs should have the same access to high quality microgreens; we also make our microgreens available to the public for personal consumption, with pre-orders.

Where to find us:
Our Phoenix farm is not open to visitors. However we do provide pickup locations all over the valley, and delivery on orders over $20. Visit our website to learn more, and to place your fresh microgreens order. 

We accept:
Cash, Credit, Business Checks, We are approved to accept EBT/SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks. 



Online: Open 24/7 - Delivery Only Customer Support Hours: Weekends & Monday Closed Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm