PossibiliTEAMS Team Building Events, Activities & Workshops



Imagine What's Possible for YOUR Team! Team Building Events, Activities and Workshops to unify and strengthen your work team.


Since 2008, Phoenix-based PossibiliTEAMS has helped corporate groups, small businesses, nonprofits, schools and government teams communicate better, trust each other more, and be more effective together. Our team building programs are fun, meaningful and totally interactive!


Popular Team Building Programs:


Total Teamwork - Team Building from PossibiliTEAMS











Total Teamwork: A perfect blend of fun, discovery and team bonding. Creative problem-solving challenges and communication-based activities will get everyone laughing, collaborating and contributing together.








Bring On The Champions: A "Minute To Win It"-inspired team Olympics program that's lots of fun for people of all fitness and ability levels. Teams compete in creative challenges and games of skill and teamwork.


Chain Reaction Contraptions - Team Building from PossibiliTEAMS










Chain Reaction Contraptions: Build strong collaborative and creative problem-solving skills as team members work and brainstorm together. Teams are challenged to make gravity-powered chain reaction machines using marbles, springs, pulleys and more.


GPS Treasure Quest: A lightly competitive team GPS geocaching race. Teams hunt for cleverly hidden Geocache Containers and navigate to fun facilitator-led challenges using portable handheld GPS devices.

Games Around The World: Bond with teammates and experience unique teamwork games from around the world. All activities are handpicked by our game experts for their fun factor, cultural authenticity and positive team dynamics.

Sweet Results Team Cake Challenge: Celebrate and bond as a team! Teans decorate cakes based on a surprise theme, and then everyone votes for their favorite cakes in several categories. Medals go to the top teams in this fun and delicious team challenge.



  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Workplace Culture Improvement
  • Change Management