Quick Brown Fox Consulting


Are you having a hard time getting started or determining the best way to manage a writing project that you’re working on? This is our signature service: one-on-one, according to your schedule, as often as you like. We even offer a low-fee Slack channel for informal coaching while you work! Like any good coach, we want to work with you from start to finish, helping you get from the planning phase all the way to submission with an excellent finished product. We want you to be proud of your work.

Think your team could use a quick brush-up on their grammar skills? Sick of wasting time correcting others’ mistakes? We have a series of workshops that can take your team back to school and educate them on the latest tips and tricks for corporate communication. Whether you need to brush up on your presentation skills or learn to send better emails, we have advice and strategies to share with your group. Together, we will give your people the skills they need to spend less time correcting communication errors and more time getting things done.


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  • coaching
  • mentoring


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