Saturn Antennas


Off the shelf or made to order RF components and services incl. GPS Server Timing, GPS Repeaters, Radio Antennas & supporting parts. We can assemble and/or modify Work or Test Stations and 19" Racks. Small to medium sized commercial Audio-Visual sales, installations & upgrades. Audio-Visual for Huddle Rooms, Conference Rooms and integration with Engineering Computers are our specialty.


1707 E Weber Dr
Ste 2
Tempe, Arizona 85281

Daniel Enterprises Business Center


  • We specialize in custom building or customizing products and their installations to meet unusual needs for commercial, laboratory and industrial customers. We can also modify your lab, Environmental Test, QA or factory work spaces to support programs or testing of RF / Wireless products. We can build or modify Test Stations, Tech Benches or assist with building your product. Audio-Visual aspects (such as metrics or test observation) can be installed in your work areas.


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