Serendipit Consulting


Master of Marketing. Purveyor of Public Relations. Builder Of Brands. Crafter of Creative. Executor of Engagement. Connoisseur of Conversations. Meet Serendipit Consulting. We build strong, bold brands in the residential and commercial real estate, franchise, professional services, beauty/spa, wellness/fitness, medical, and hospitality industries. At Serendipit, we aren’t inclined to making discoveries by accident. We strive for “why”. Our work is based on research, strategy, and at times, a strong gut instinct delivered by years of experience. We deliver results derived from our sharpened marketing and PR savvy. Our client roster spans local and national brands such as Modern Acupuncture, Gainey Ranch, MRA Associates, Asset Campus Housing, Campus Living Villages, Redirect Health, Donley Service Center, Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, PLC, Robbins Brothers Engagement Rings, Bodify, Mariposa Point Senior Housing, and MedAvail.


4450 N 12th St #248
Phoenix, Arizona 85014