Want to change the flower game? Forget all the rules. Ever since we started STEM SWAG, that’s what we’ve been up to. Sure, we can create beautiful arrangements, but we’re obsessed with discovering innovative twists and transforming ordinary flowers into part of the story. Our floral-fascinated team is dedicated to blooming new ideas to offer unique floral-infused event experiences, edgy gifts, and everyday stem swagger. While everything we do is customizable, click on our “Flower Bar” and “Centerpieces + Gifts” tabs on STEMSWAG.CO to explore some of STEM SWAG’s most popular offerings.

If you’re looking for your grandmother’s flower shop, we might not be your cup of tea (although we love grandmas, for the record). If you’re on the hunt for a fresh spin on flowers, ultra-imaginative pop-ups, killer event decor, and custom centerpieces, you just hit the floral jackpot!



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