Toni B Yoga


Have you thought that you were:

too old

too fat

too inflexible 

to practice yoga?

Ever felt intimidated by the beautiful, lithe bodies in a yoga class and then never tried it because you didn't feel like you belonged?

Then, practicing yoga with Toni B is what you want. Learn beginning Hatha yoga or if you fear getting up off of the yoga mat then try Chair Yoga.

Text, DM, or Call Toni to find a class near you. 

Ever wish you could get more sleep? Wish you could power down your mind?

Then Yoga Nidra is for you. Refresh and re-set your body through a 40 minute guided meditation. 

Other services include ways to live with intention. Through vision board or desire board workshops. Desire boards include fashion and home decor and is in collaboration with Style Confidently. Or, through connection to ancient wisdom like the medicine wheel in conjunction with the Fire Horse Ranch and Diana Gogan. Or fitness challenges such as Running for Beginners that minimize injuries in the high impact sport. in collaboration with the Running University. 

See you on the mat, on the trail, or on the sidewalk!

Why I love what I do


7445 E. Eagle Crest Drive
Unit 1128
Mesa, Arizona 85207

Las Sendas Community just south of the Las Sendas Golf Club.

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  • Mobile Yoga classes for every body.
  • Beginning Hatha Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Family Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Sleep Training
  • Vision Board Workshops
  • Special Events to Live Intentionally
  • Doterra Essential Oils


Mobile Studio. Call, text, or DM for classes near you.