VeraPax Marketing


Have you reached the end of your rope on marketing your business?

Is the hassle of building a sales funnel keeping you up at night?

Take a breath, we understand.

We are a small business. You are trying to win and so are we. You want to help people, so do we. How do you let your customer know how you can help though?


Not just any marketing though. The kind that YOU need and believe in, not the kind someone else says you ought to do.

We want to guide you through the options. Help you know what SHOULD be on a printed flyer. HOW to mail out postcards. When do I BRAND and what is the difference? CAN I MAKE MONEY WHILE I SLEEP?

Great questions and you deserve answers! Call us now and allow us to help you help others and WIN!


16099 N 82nd St
Suite B-1
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Scottsdale Airpark 82nd St and Frank Lloyd Wright.

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  • Personalized Variable Data Printing
  • Mailing Services with Informed Delivery
  • Sales Funnel Strategy


Mon-Fri 07:30am-4:30pm