Warner House Press


Warner House Press is a small publishing house in Northern Arizona that conforms its practices to IBPA Hybrid Publisher Criteria.  We do not offer an all-inclusive package for a lofty flat fee, but instead start our relationship with an author via editing services.  After a free sample, we charge at or below industry standard rates for this service. If the author and WHP find we are a good fit, we then negotiate a publication contract and move on to formatting and publishing the work.  Publishing is provided at no upfront cost to the client and our author royalty rates are higher than the industry standard. At any time throughout the process, the author or WHP can exit the relationship.

Some manuscripts may already be further along in the publishing process than others, so our editors tailor their process to meet the needs of each individual author.  A list of steps for a typical client can be found on our website at https://warner.house/pricing-and-services-editing-and-publishing/publishing-process/


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