Western Sky Communications


Hello from Tucson! I’m Martha Retallick, owner of Western Sky Communications, and I’m a big believer in thinking globally and acting locally. That’s why I’m a proud member of Local First Arizona. It isn’t just a business organization, it’s a movement.

Professionally, I’m a writer. I’m also a photographer. But those shorthand descriptions don’t begin to cover what I can do for you. I’m especially drawn to documentation projects that feature people in action. Building and renovating houses. Creating or improving landscapes. Or making and fixing things. Through words and pictures, I combine the mix of raw physical labor and artistry of humans and machines in motion.

In addition to my documentation work, I enjoy photographing nature. Here, I’m aiming for surprise and delight, like a close-up view of a feathery senna bush in bloom. That’s the banner photo at the top of this page, and I got the shot by walking right into the middle of the bush and surrounding myself with senna branches.

I’m currently working on a book that features the best of my nature photography. It’s going to be an all-Arizona project. I’ve been shooting the photos locally – with camera gear purchased from a Tucson retailer. Book editing and design? Also to be done locally. The printing? Think that top quality fine art printing can only be done overseas? Think again. Some of America’s best printers are right here in Arizona.

I'd like to conclude by saying that "Buy Local" isn't just great advice for consumers. It's also how we in the business world can and should operate. Let's support our own, right here in Arizona!


PO Box 43161
Tucson, Arizona 85733