Wicked Wrench AZ


Wicked Wrench was created on the premise that the customer should get what they want, not what someone else thinks they should have.  As aftermarket car exhaust systems have become increasingly popular, shops decided they could profit more with pre-made ‘kits’ that are easy to install, instead of customizing the work to each car and owner’s vision.  We’re changing the game.  Through experience, constant training, and holding ourselves to the highest standards possible; we bend pipe with precision tools, weld, and do everything else on-site to make your vision a reality. Standard jobs, custom work, repairs; You name it.  Want other work done?  Talk to us.  We know we can do it better, and are committed to treating every car like it’s ours.

70 Series Flowmaster install on this Chevy truck.


5030 S Mill Ave Ste C-1
Tempe, Arizona 85282

There is a big sign heading south on Mill that says "TOCA," turn right after the sign. We are located directly to the right of "Bender & Associates."

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  • Manual bending
  • Metal fabrication
  • Custom services
  • Full Systems
  • Stacks
  • Fender Piercing
  • Consulting


M-F 8-5pm Saturday 8-12pm After-hours by appointment only