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I've been a chef for over 20 years, however never intended to be a Chef for a Career.  I went to school because my son's 2nd grade Mother's Day card said 2 pages of wonderful things about me being his mom - however he hated my cooking.  Being a perfectionist, I went to culinary school.  

Before starting Witnessing Nature In Food - I spent 30+ years traveling the globe and working in Corporate America.  I developed a passion for local and community from every place I have visited.  Shopping local markets and learning from Friends and Chefs around the world.  

Since our company’s inception in 2015, Witnessing Nature In Food (WNIF) has quickly become a leader in healthy organic dining experiences, recognized as a Gold Level Phoenix Green Business Leader and City of Scottsdale Environmental Quality Award Winner and featured in Green Living AZ magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Fox 10 News and Channel 3 News, to name a few.

Our services include catering for small and large corporate events and weddings, providing school lunches for local schools, meal prep/plans for individuals and families, and teaching what we know to others via regularly offered cooking classes and our poplar website blog. 

While these services define what we do, how and why we deliver them to our clients serves a higher purpose.  Our work makes the world a better place! It's this aspect of the business that is particularly fulfilling, providing a common purpose for the WNIF Team and motivating us to do our very best every day.

Our continued success has been the result of our company’s commitment to creating food with Distinct Ingredients, Organically Grown and Cleanly Made, and our Core Values:

  • Transparency
  • Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Healthy & Sustainable
  • Social & Community Responsibility

My lifelong commitment to supporting eco-conscious chemical free living started while growing up in St Louis Michigan experiencing the impact of the chemical dumping - causing the water table to be polluted and the Pine River and ecosystem to be destroyed.  I remember the impact of dairy farmers losing their stock due to contamination, going to Canada for fresh milk and powdered milk when we couldn't, the dead fish smell emanating from the tap water and following the progress of the EPA, 40 years for the Superfund to start the clean-up in 2017.  

My passion for Local/Seasonal Food, Solar, Hydroponics, Upcycle, Recycle, Reuse, Composting, Donation, Community Involvement and Landfill Diversion drives the Witnessing Nature In Food values of Quality, Customer Service, Successful & Sustainable, Environment/Zero Water/Farm Fresh/Local Sourcing and Social Responsibility in our Communities.  I Teach/Consult Healthy Living on A Budget @ A New Leaf, donates extra food to the oldest Day Care in Phoenix, Phoenix Day/A New Leaf, and promotes the Arts being on the Advisory Board of the Scottsdale Philharmonic.

We commune around and with food so it should be Food we Love!  I look forward to serving you soon!

Enjoy and Namaste!



6803 E Main St Unit 3306
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

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  • Full Service Organic Catering
  • Healthy Organic School Lunches
  • Meal Prep/Meal Plan
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Private and Public Events
  • Cooking Classes
  • Health Is Wealth and Sustainability Speaking Engagements


Anytime you want to eat Organic Food - We are Here