Zack & Schmitz, PLC


Attorneys Ronald Zack and Shanelle Schmitz take a holistic approach to estate planning and will often require considerable time getting to know you, your situations and goals.  This is very different from the “cookie-cutter” approach.  Their approach utilizes counseling, issue identification and problem-solving, as opposed to filling in the form processing.  Together, they will develop a plan and produce the required documentation for your particular situation, goals, and desires.  This may be a revocable living trust, an irrevocable life insurance trust, a charitable remainder trust, limited liability company, partnership, will package, powers of attorney or other documents.  It may be large or small – the size of the estate does not necessarily determine your needs, though it will be a factor.

Weekend or Evening consultations are available.

Consultations are available at your home, or hospital.



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