Zeches Wealth Management


Zeches Wealth Management through decades of experience, has created a comprehensive process which helps our clients address the most important concerns they encounter. Making smart decisions with their money, mitigating their taxes, taking care of their heirs, making sure their assets are not unjustly taken and magnifying their charitable gifts. By working with our clients and their network of professionals, we help make their lives easier, so they can spend the time doing what is most important to them. We strive to give our clients their time back.

Zeches Wealth Management provides solutions to our client’s unique situations. Our firm is fortunate enough to work with generations of families. Whether preparing kids for college, looking to expand the business, trying to figure out how to get the next generation involved, considering selling, we help our clients tackle each of these areas through personal experience as well as experience with other clients.

To learn more about Zeches Wealth Management, our people and our capabilities, please visit our website and feel free to contact our office for our complimentary second opinion service. Through this service we will assess your current investment plan, determine any gaps and opportunities, and review your long-term financial goals and objectives. If you are on track for achieving your goals with your current advisor, we will let you know. Conversely, if you are not meeting your goals and need a new approach, we will help you explore whether we are the right firm to assist you. If neither your current advisor nor we are well-suited to you, we will provide a recommendation for another advisor who can serve you more effectively.


4647 N 32nd Street, Suite 110
Phoenix, Arizona 85712